Double Godha has a full collection of interlinings to enhance the design and performance of your garments

Including Sherwani dresses, suiting, outerwear and waist bands.

Our range of fusible interlinings are engineered to meet both the quality and pricing demands of today’s modern fabrics.

Woven Interlining at Best Price in India - Double Ghoda

Woven Interlining

We work with state-of-the-art manufacturing units across the world for WOVEN INTERLININGS

 World-class interlining guaranteed to delight garment makers around the world.

·  Excellent bonding strength
·  Shape & stiffness retention
·  Perfect air permeability

Polyester Interlinings

Non Woven Interlinings


Hair Canvas

10-years garment accessories industry experience

10 years garment accessories industry experience

Competitive price, good service, fast delivery time

Competitive price, good service, fast delivery time

Responsible for the quality of our products

Responsible for our products quality

Several garment makers, leading fashion brands and fashion designers are working already with us.

Connect with us today to find the best solution for your garments.

Our range of fusible interlining is available in hand feels ranging from super soft to extra hard, and can be tailored to meet even the most specific requirements of garment makers.

We are your partner for high-quality interlining fabrics across India

We serve everyone from emerging designers to large design groups and everyone in between.

We are here to help you navigate the many different kinds interlining to find the correct one that applies to your garment.


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