We are here to help you navigate through different linings, fusible interlinings and garment accessories that fits your design needs.

  • It is mainly used for large part (full front fuse) and small parts (collars, cuffs, etc) of men and women’s jacket
  • Suitable for men and women’s thin fabric jacket
  • Fusing small parts on the dress
  • Ladies summer clothes
  • Lightweight chiffon fabrics
  • High grade spring jackets / coats / fleece
  • Woollen overcoat
  • Mid-High grade suit / uniform / polyester shirt
  • High grade knit fabric
  • Children’s clothes
  • Front parts / embroidery / waistband
  • Formal dress
woven fusible interlining in india
  • Front placket
  • Pocket flap for mid grade polyester & cotton garments
  • Collar, cuff or front placket of mid-grade shirt / jackets / suits
  • Mid-high grade woolen fabric
  • TC garments, fabric that needs elasticity
non woven fusible interlining in india

Polyester  interlining comes with an expansive amount of colour options for your fashion needs. This particular polyester lining is light in weight, but still very strong and durable. It is exceptionally fluid and drapes phenomenally. Polyester fabrics generally do not stain easily and are resistant to stretching or shrinking.

  • High tearing strength
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth texture
polyester lining fabric in india
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