We specialise in Polyester-interlinings for suit, sherwani and other ethnic wear. Our core strength lies in high-tech finishing technology.

Polyester Linings

Polyester lining is attached to the inner part of the garment to help keep its shape, hide the interior construction and facilitate the whole putting on/taking off thing.

  • High tearing strength
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth texture
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  • Used for bags and other items
  • Ideal for jackets, dresses and much more
  • Suitable for lining all types of garments, as a slip and easy style lining for jackets, dresses, skirts and other items of fashion and couture
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Polyester Interlining FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) for an Interlining page, along with answers:

Polyester interlining, typically non-woven or woven with a fusible option, offers a balance of affordability, structure, and ease of use compared to other interlining materials.

Match your polyester interlining weight and type (woven or non-woven) to your project’s structure needs (stiff or soft) and fabric weight (light or heavy) for a balanced look and feel.

Polyester interlining offers affordability, durability, and structure in a variety of weights for your sewing projects.

Polyester interlining, whether woven or non-woven fusible, is applied by ironing it onto the wrong side of your fabric for added structure and stability.

Match the weight of your polyester interlining to your fabric weight and choose the type (woven for stiffness, non-woven for drape) based on your desired structure and drape.


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