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Types of buttons for blazers

Types of buttons for blazers

Blazer buttons – those tiny yet impactful details – often go unnoticed. But trust me, they play a crucial role in elevating your blazer game. The right buttons can transform a simple blazer into a statement piece, reflecting your unique style and personality.

So, are you ready to unlock the secrets of blazer buttons

Table of Content

  • Blazer Buttons Functionality
  • Choosing the Right Blazer Buttons
  • Most Popular Blazer Button Materials 
  • Button Styles
  • Blazer Button Techniques 
  • Conclusion

Blazer Buttons Beyond Functionality

Sure, blazer buttons (and buttons for button coats and jackets) keep your garment closed, but their impact goes far beyond practicality. They act as the finishing touch, the punctuation mark to your sartorial sentence. The right buttons can:

  • Elevate Your Style: A simple switch from basic plastic buttons to sleek metal ones can instantly elevate your blazer  from casual to sophisticated.
  • Complement Your Outfit: white buttons – a subtle detail that adds a touch of personality.

When selecting buttons for your blazer (or button coat or jacket), consider these key factors:

  • Material: The material of your button should complement the overall aesthetic of your garment. Consider natural materials like horn, wood, or mother-of-pearl for a touch of sophistication.
  • Size: The size of your button should be proportionate to the size and lapel width of your blazer .
  • Functionality: Think about how often you’ll be buttoning and unbuttoning your garment. Shank buttons are easier to manage with thicker fabrics.

Most Popular Blazer Button Styles 

Now that you’ve explored materials, let’s understand most popular Blazer Buttons

  • Classic Round Buttons: A timeless choice for a variety of blazers. They come in various materials and sizes, offering versatility.
  • Kissing Buttons: These small, closely spaced buttons create a minimalist and sleek look. Often seen on double-breasted blazers .
  • Square Buttons: A modern and edgy choice that adds a touch of personality to blazers, button coats, and jackets.
  • Sculpted Buttons: These buttons feature unique shapes and designs, perfect for creating a statement piece on blazers, button coats, and jackets.

When choosing a button style, consider the overall silhouette of your garment. 

Blazer Buttons Techniques 

Here are some advanced button techniques to explore that can be applied to blazers Buttons :

  • Contrasting Buttons: Use buttons that contrast with the color of your garment for a bold and eye-catching look. This works well on the blazers button.
  • Mixed Material Buttons: Combine different materials like metal and wood for a unique and textured effect. This can add a touch of personality to the blazers button.
  • Monogrammed Buttons: Add a personal touch with buttons featuring your initials or a small design. This is a great way to customize blazers, button coats, and even denim jackets.


Blazer buttons (and buttons for button coats and jackets) are more than just fasteners – they’re tiny style statements waiting to be unleashed. By understanding the different materials, styles, and techniques, you can transform your blazers, button coats, and jackets from ordinary to extraordinary.

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